What do participants of our workshops say?

Martin’s Wim Hof workshop is not only for people who would like to start with cold therapy and breathing techniques but it’s designed absolutely for everyone, even if you already have some experience with breathwork, cold therapy, and conscious life.

The workshop connects the body & mind  through awesome breathwork exercises and allows you to go deep inside yourself. The whole day is accompanied with a musicotherapy which is truly soul-healing, helps to get you grounded, feel your emotions, and reflect on yourself.

Martin has got beautiful energy which can help to motivate and also calm you down at the same time. Through his conscious approach to life, everyone can take something out of this course or at least spend a day in an inspiring environment where you can do some work with your inner self, meet like-minded people or find a way to the cold-therapy and breathing techniques.

Petra Hamarova

“This is a terrific experience that will stay with me for a long, long time.

If you can only speak English (like me) don’t be put off by the dual language training. Most of the group spoke English. During the activities, an excellent translator put the Slovak words into English and translated for us when we wanted to say something. The time between the language translations enabled people to put more thought it to what they were saying. It also meant people had more time to digest what was being said.

The activities such as the breathing, the drumming, the nature and the cold were done at each individuals’ preferred intensity. I felt each person could dial up or down on an activity depending on their depth of feeling.

In addition to Martin, there was an incredibly strong support team; spirtual minder, additonal qualified WH instructor, musician(s), translator, and good vibe team members.

I never thought I’d be that guy that hugs trees, so if you do decide to go on one of Martin’s adventures, my advice is go with an open mind. You will not be dissapointed. Be open to hugging a tree and be open to enjoying hugging that tree.”

Gary O´Sullivan

“I participated in Martin´s course for beginners and hiking up to Ďumbier and the next day we even organized mini courses for beginners and integrated them into Power Camp. What people would value most about Martin is his professional attitude, focus and advanced work with Ego thanks to which he will always give you more than you expect from the courses. When I say more, I mean a different attitude to stress, to life and to common standards which limits us. Using his philosophy, Martin knows to break many vicious circles and to really move you one level higher in your personal development and own consciousness. I am grateful to him that every time we meet, he inspires me by some deep thought, and I am looking forward to our next projects where we will enjoy proper breathing at least. Whether during physical or breathing exercise.”

Dušan Plichta
Founder of Powerlogy

“Martin is ambitious, systematic, clear and understandable. Each course with him is enriched mainly by his own experience – whether it is work with your body, exposure to the cold or Wim Hof Method. With a smile on his face he guides anyone even through the most challenging conditions. His courses always bring something new and interesting and it is worth attending them.”

Matúš Svinčák-wim-hof-martin-tham
Matúš Svinčák
exercise coach and ergotherapist

“Martin is a great instructor and inspiring and wise person. The community of people around him is very nice. Before I didn´t like the cold so much that I didn´t even want to go out in the winter. The Wim Hof Method helps me in many things I did not expect: I focus better, I can put up with much more stressful situations and relax, I am healthier (it prevents inflammations) and I enjoy being outside in cold weather, I can even walk barefoot and I don´t get ill. I have more joy of life and I am really grateful for that.”

Lucia Suďová

“I participated in several of Martin´s courses and it has always been a strong experience. Martin is a charismatic instructor who leads the courses with love, his passion for spreading Wim Hof Method is authentic and he focuses on comfort of all participants. The last course I went to was fast paced and every single minute was interesting, funny and motivating. I really enjoyed the synergy of the whole group and meeting with others interested in this method. I strongly recommend visiting his courses as it is one of the best ways of self-development which are available in the Slovak republic.”

Martin Tatar
account manager

“I strongly recommend Martin´s course to everyone, whether you like trying new things or you are interested in Wim Hof Method or you want to get out of your comfort zone. The level 1 course with Martin was definitely the best day in a long time. Martin will not only guide you professionally through all the three pillars of WHM but he will also explain the “science behind”. And what´s more, he will do so with his heart and soul.”

Zuzana Šebestová
project manager

“I praise the course everywhere I go. I was surprised that the effect of this method was so quick. I spent almost 50 years of my life with almost permanent pain and now I am the whole week without pain in my knees. It is really amazing. Thank you very much! I have a great feeling and with that everyone could try it…”

Workshop WHM Praha Cordeus

“Thank you for a beautiful day I spent surrounded by people interested in the same thing regardless their age, profession or knowledge. I like contact with water in any form and contact with freezing water is even more pure as it approaches also your mind and also you expose yourself totally. You cannot hide anything; you only keep revealing and you are getting answers. Getting into freezing water was challenging for some as they were not sure if they would make it and others were meeting the water with inner question, but everyone was guided by Martin and his sense of humour, spontaneity and grace. And in the end, everyone got what he wanted. It was a day for me. I would like to thank to everyone for the preparation and organization and also passing the pure energy of the nature.”

Monika Hasalová
psychotherapist and lecturer

“Thank you very much for a great workshop which included a very interesting method into my personal development. Martin surprised me and attracted me by his attitude to life which I would not expect for such a young person. He guided us through breathing exercises which I keep doing daily. The stay in the freezing water was a fantastic experience and would never believe that something like that is possible without a long-term training. I am determined to continue practising this method (the freezer is already on the way).”

Workshop WHM Praha Cordeus

“The workshop was a great experience which I recall with love and gratefulness. freezing water enabled me to feel myself, my breath, my presence. I accepted every single thing with gratefulness and humbleness. It is incredible that one experience in my life pumps so much energy into my body. Before attending the course, I could not imagine getting into a cold shower. Now it is my morning ritual. The cold and I are still getting closer to each other and I want to get as close as possible. I am open to new experience and I am looking forward to them. It is a journey and a process, but I already know it is a strengthening experience. Martin is wise, inspiring, spontaneous and cheerful person. His attitude, energy and support helped to enjoy the “icy” day. I am grateful he was my guide.”

Workshop WHM Praha Cordeus

“Thank you so much for such a great experience! Since I got into the water, I feel great, hot and still smiling like a fool. The best moment of the day is the morning cold shower. On the other hand, the biggest challenge is to ignore reactions of people around like: “you will get cold, fall ill and how about your kidney?!” The power of the thought is immense, and it is crucial not to get influenced by it. But as soon as I can get out into the cold air and breath in, I am again in charge of everything. I will definitely carry on with cold water exposure at home. I will still keep smiling like a fool. Getting into icy water brings a spontaneous joy! I am grateful that all those from the magical Saturday entered my life.”

Workshop WHM Praha Cordeus

“Courses of Wim Hof method led by Martin are such a great experience! He creates a comfortable atmosphere so you can relax and enjoy the moment and all that goes with it.”

Jozef Háb

“I went through Martin´s course with my daughter and it changed our lives. Our immune system is better; we can concentrate better in stressful situations and don´t get disconcerted. We feel much better in our bodies, they are stronger and more powerful. I love travelling and being outside and since we´re practicing this method, we get into water about 3-4 times a week during the whole year. I love the connection with water and just to get carried. Before we used to go out just time to time and now we love walking in the nature. The course gave us a lot of freedom and helped to improve our concentration.”

Michaela Davidovičová

“I am really grateful that I had the pleasure to meet Martin – a young man who can be an example to all of us thanks to his way of thinking, consciousness and attitude. The Wim Hof method course led by him is not only about exposure to the cold and proper breathing. It was a day full of interesting information, getting new experience and sharing them with other inspiring people. This experience pushed me one step forward to my better self, to a healthier and richer life both in physical and mental way. The cold is not my enemy anymore and I will be enjoying the benefits of this method for the rest of my life. I strongly recommend it to anyone… it is never too late to move the borders towards your better self.”

Miriam Šulcová
finance agent and photographer

“Attending the course of Wim Hof Method guided by Martin has been one of my best life decisions and experience ever. Words cannot describe enough the experience, the delight, feelings and knowledge from the course I still have deep inside me.”

Mário Bartoš

“We went to the course of Wim Hof Method together with my husband in 2018. At the beginning I thought it would be just a nice present for him, but this course brought big changes to each of us as well as to our relationship. After overcoming my allergy to the cold with Martin´s affectionate and open attitude, I managed to stay in freezing water. It strengthened my self-confidence and desire to overcome new challenges in life. My husband got over an unpleasant experience from his childhood when he fell under the ice in a river. And again, it was Martin who helped him with his calm attitude and support to overcome a psychical block and to accept the ice as something he does not need to fight with. We are both grateful that it was Martin who guided us through this course because he is doing so with an open heart. The cold became a part of our life as a potion of peace, as a detoxication instrument for body and mind.”

Emília Papíková
software consultant

“Martin cared very well about all the participants throughout the whole course. After the course I started getting used to the exposure to the cold by cold showers and the first winter showed it was beneficial. The cold does not take my mental energy anymore, I just take it as a beneficial element and I don´t fight it. I saved time getting dressed as the entire winter I had a sweater just twice. The freezing shower after a sport activity is great and provides energy for the rest of the day.”

David Oros

“Getting into freezing water with Martin´s support brought me a great share of confidence in abilities of my body. I don´t feel obstacles anymore as I did before, and I know that the limits of our body are just in our mind.”

Kristína Haviarová
client support

“I have been following Martin for some time and I can say I saw his beginnings and growth. I am happy that soon I met him personally and went to his course which he led together with Kasha. They are both very nice people and good guides. I like Martin´s attitude to Wim Hof Method: with healthy food, musical instruments, exercise, his personal story, so the course is not only about the pure technique. This year I am going to participate in the hike and I am wondering how much will this course be different from the first one. Another positive thing I am looking forward to is meeting new friendly people.”

Peter Illík
working at heights, masseur, self-development for men and couples, therapies including body and intimacy

My recommendation of people whom I appreciate

Martin Rohrich

BioFeedback, NeuroFeedback, complete diagnostics of the body and the musculoskeletal system

Martin is an expert on a very high level. How can he help you? Via a unique combination of a modern technology for gauging (brain, heart, nervous system, blood vessels status and so on) and his experience in physiology and psychology.

Thank to these he can perceive both physical and mental state of the client. So, you will get a feedback of a high quality together with a complete recommendation about what to avoid and why and on the other hand what to seek. Using his technology, Martin helps children to correct learning disabilities, and adults to improve work performance and resistance to stress.

He works with both recreational and top athletes to improve their performance. We cooperate professionally and personally. Martin helps me move the quality of the Wim Hof Method workshops to a new level. I strongly recommend everyone to meet Martin and find out what how he can be helpful to you.

Where can you meet him?
  • At Wim Hof Method stays II., Martin is part of a programme with measuring technology and professional lectures
  • Martin has his centre in the Czech Republic near Brno, where he carries our in-depth measurements with consultations and recommendations
+420 602 582 996

Matúš Svinčák

Exercise coach

Matúš does his job exceptionally well. He works with the body posture as well as the attitude to life and their influence. He can guide people to feel their body, to get into the optimum posture. Man is thus more resistant to physical and mental stress in everyday life, in the office, but also in nature. With Matúš, you gain control over your movement. Matúš has also quite a rich experience in the field of ego cultivation. He teaches a conscious approach to life and exercise at the University of Conscious Life. He is a person with qualities that I boldly recommend to everyone.

Where can you meet him?
  • At Wim Hof Method stays II., Matúš will guide you through exercise and conscious attitude
  • His own workshops and stays
  • Univerzita Vedomého Života
+421 949 309 040

Erik Goldschmidt

Yogi & Nutrition Advisor

Erik is an experienced yogi and you can really feel his energy of peace, humility and self-confidence. Yoga in his manner, whether in theory, meditation, physical asanas, or pranayama breathing exercises is represented by high quality. His style shows many years of experience of his own practice and practice in guiding people. Erik is the master in playing Didgeridoo – it is a life experience to hear him playing during meditation after yoga. It is a man I strongly recommend meeting.

Where can you meet him?
  • Erik organizes his own workshops and stays on a high level
  • Yogahouse Bratislava – yoga classes
  • In medic garden “Yoga za banán”
  • We sometimes cooperate with Erik on Wim Hof Method Camp, where Erik guides the morning yoga
+421 948 481 000


Instructor of playing percussion intuitively

Javor is the master of African drums. His mastery lies in the way he can  tune up a larger group of beginners in a relatively short time through his energy and leading. Javor’s conscious and affectionate attitude, where he connects his approach to life with the drum play, is a wonderful opportunity to get to know oneself. Expressing your emotions through the instrument is incredibly powerful.

Where can you meet him?
  • At Wim Hof Method stays II., Javor will guide you through playing the drums
  • Private classes
  • Various events where he plays and performs
+421 948 017 576