With love, I will guide you through word, breath, and cold to a place inside you where you can accept everything in you. It is the path of liberation from suffering through awakening and relaxation. Being friends with fear, cold, sadness, anger and joy brings inner unconditional peace and joy of being, Martin Thám.

A little bit about me

My name is Martin Thám and I like to guide people through processes of transformation. I explore the possibilities of the body and the mind, release mental and physical blocks and share my experience with others.

I see as much potential in the Wim Hof Method as I can see in people. I am happy to put energy into sharing my own experience with other people. This lifestyle makes sense to me and makes me happy.

The life has taught me a lesson when I realized that it is my responsibility to live it confidently and ask myself how I can help others. It is only up to me if I let myself be swept by a wave of fear and laziness or I will be inspired by love.

Because I do not know when my life in this form is going to finish, I live today, now and best I can.


More about what I do