Men‘s circle


Are you willing to take responsibility for your life and make changes? Do you want to work on yourself and support others? Are you willing to work consciously with your ego?

Can you see meaning in regular meetings where we talk straightforward and in depth? If it sounds interesting to you, make a decision and join us. You are welcome. If you do not have any experience with personal development but are willing to work on yourself, join us too, it is no problem.

The purpose of men‘s meetings is to create safe space for sharing and mutual support. I, Martin Thám, am the guide through the men‘s circle but in the circle we are all equal and we support each other and we all share our knowledge. I take the role of an organizer and a guide.

It is essential that we communicate efficiently and with respect to each other in the circle. I open men‘s circles on the basis of suggestions I get from others. I have been engaged in the topic of manhood for the past 9 years. I perceive the value of experience which I can pass on understandably.

The purpose of these meetings (about once a month) is a long-term project in which we will gradually build, create and deepen our relationships and knowledge, support and inspire each other.

During the meetings, we always focus on different topics: man, relationships, addictions, mission and its fulfilment, control of fear, courage, sexuality, stress and coping with stressful situations. Apart from talking, we also do practical exercises like meditation, various breathing exercises, cold exposure, movement and so on.

The admission to the men‘s circle is voluntary. There will be a cashier at the venue where you can pay your voluntary contribution.

Date and location of the closest meeting

June 18th in Bratislava at exactly 6:00 p.m.

The topic will be "Relationships"

You will get more information about the meeting and instructions via e-mail after you log in.

    Date of the next meeting

    July 24th in Bratislava at exactly 6:00 p.m.