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Martin Thám

I like guiding people through processes of transformation. I explore the possibilities of the body and the mind, release mental and physical blocks and share my experience with others.

I see as much potential in the Wim Hof Method as I can see in people. I am happy to put energy into sharing my own experience with other people. This lifestyle makes sense to me and makes me happy.

The life has taught me a lesson when I realized that it is my responsibility to live it confidently and ask myself how I can help others. It is only up to me if I let myself be swept by a wave of fear and laziness or I will be inspired by love.

Because I do not know when my life in this form is going to finish, I live today, now and best I can.

Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method is based on three pillars which are breathing, cold therapy and commitment. When you combine these three, you will get a powerful force which can bring great changes into your life.


Cold therapy

Cold is a very effective tool for healthy a strength development. It teaches us how to let go and accept things in the hardest conditions possible, which is a very important skill if you want to lead a happy life. We gradually apply the new attitude of acceptance to all aspects of our life and become free from the inside, which eventually puts end to suffering and causes awakening. Cold increases life energy but only if we train effectively and consciously. Cold exposure strengthens cardiovascular system a facilitates regeneration. It also balances the blood pressure. In cold water the body produces “happy” hormones, which also decrease inflammation in your body. Meanwhile, we experience inner calmness and decomposition of our ego and perception of time takes place. It´s a beautiful experience of life here and now.



Breath is an integral part of one´s life. Our existence begins with our first inhale and ends with the last exhale. In between there are millions of breaths and it only depends on us, how we use them. Let´s breathe consciously, let´s have our breath in control, let´s be dedicated every day to the breathing exercise that strengthens the body and the soul. The quality of our breath defines how much energy we have, how healthy or happy we feel. The morning breathing routine prepares us for all the challenges of the upcoming day. We are more prepared for stressful situations and more in peace with ourselves. WHM breathing in combination with deep concentration and relaxation opens the door towards those parts of your life that have been closed so far. The breath itself opens them and you become a person that can be in peace with any kind of inner or outer state. You can be happy when you feel sadness, you can experience joy like a kid or be angry. You´ll get to experience all colours of emotions and the emptiness in between them. The breath has great strength, my friends!



Our inner countryside is our concentration. Through it we perceive what is going on in our lives. We learn to realize our own selves and become observers and thus have a healthy distance from everything that is going on in our lives. Slowly we come to realize that our filters of perception, the patterns that we have learnt, can be changed if needed. Thanks to that we also learn to get rid of the roles that we have been assigned and feel good. We become our own selves and see when we behave unnaturally, when we are in tension, tired or sick. Our health and everything we do in our lives is a consequence of our inner sel. Of course, we practice all this through the experience with of breath and cold. If we want to incorporate big changes in our lives, we have to become friends with cold and that´s where I can lovingly help you. Martin <3

“What people would value most about Martin is his professional attitude, focus and advanced work with Ego thanks to which he will always give you more than you expect from the courses. When I say more, I mean a different attitude to stress, to life and to common standards which limits us. Using his philosophy, Martin knows to break many vicious circles and to really move you one level higher in your personal development and own consciousness. I am grateful to him that every time we meet, he inspires me by some deep thought.”

Dušan Plichta
Founder of Powerlogy

“Martin is a great instructor and inspiring and wise person. The community of people around him is very nice. Before I didn´t like the cold so much that I didn´t even want to go out in the winter. The Wim Hof Method helps me in many things I did not expect: I focus better, I can put up with much more stressful situations and relax, I am healthier (it prevents inflammations) and I enjoy being outside in cold weather, I can even walk barefoot and I don´t get ill. I have more joy of life and I am really grateful for that.”

Lucia Suďová